Imagining Bernie’s announcement of an action campaign

I’m not waiting for you to elect me President.

You know, I’m an activist with a few common sense ideas for getting back to a country that works for everyone. It’s going to take some time to achieve those revolutionary changes. We’ll continue campaigning on that track and you’ll all be helping me after you elect me. But we can’t wait!

So what do you say we just start changing things now?

Let’s make this campaign for the future a wave of innovation and compassion across the country. If we can organize 300 thousand in 6 months, how many do you think we’ll have in this movement by January 2017? Let’s get to work. There’s no time to loose.

On way to act is fixing things our robber baron politicians are tearing apart.

Just look at the wave of destruction Florida Governor Rick Scott has made:

  • He closed public health clinics so that they wouldn’t compete against his own chain of clinics.
  • He vetoed funding for 30 rape crisis centers.
  • He shut down Florida’s only tuberculosis center during the worst tuberculosis crisis in twenty years.
  • He even abandoned the rescue dog he used as a commercial prop.

I say we can start fixing these disasters! Our movement is growing, so let’s continue with all the nitty gritty work of winning the votes’ AND let’s start fixing and creating as we continue to grow. We’ll recruit staff who’ll support teams in Florida to raise funds and reopen those health clinics, to build those rape crisis centers, and reopen the tuberculosis center.

Don’t try to tell me it can’t be done! Remember how people in New Orleans came together to rescue the stranded on roof tops and take care of the sick and wounded, before the Bush Government responded with troops and corporate contracts.

Community begins in our deep desire to take care of one another in disaster and the slow burning crisis so many of us are enduring. Well let’s unleash that spirit in Florida.

A different sort of grassroots action we can take: we must stop the cycle of violence when a shooting victim’s buddies go out for revenge.

In Compton there’s a neighborhood house where friends make a healing space for friends or sisters and brothers of someone who’s been shot. They form a circle of compassion around the poor soul torn up with grief. He or she can rap or dance or stomp out his anger and grief. They heal together and lay down their guns .

Let’s multiply healing places like this all across the country. You know how to do it! My action staff will help you.

This is not the only thing we can do to end violence. Until we have our landslide victory and take both houses, legislation isn’t very likely. So let’s act now. Tell me your dreams and we’ll start realizing them.

We Can’t Wait!