Benefits and Risks of a Sanders Action Campaign

It’s better not to declare any benefits or risks of a Bernie 2016 action campaign to be so. This strategy adds another level of complexity to an already out of the box way of running a campaign. We’ll simply ask the following leading questions.

Would an action campaign gain new votes from undecideds? Hillary supporters? Republicans and Trump supporters?

Might an action campaign distract from the political campaign’s core mission of winning delegates and states?

Would an action campaign attract active participation by movement organizations like Move-on,, Democracy for American, Avaaz . . .?

Would an action campaign increase the movement’s active membership?

Would an action campaign bring new endorsements from unions (locals if not nationals)? Hispanic & Black organizations? Superdelegates? Down ballot candidates?

Would an action campaign attract positive mainstream media coverage?

Would an action campaign shift the nation’s attention away from the mean circus of the Republican meltdown to a vision of the authentic American Dream?

Would the movement organizations and others be able to raise the funds needed to support grassroots projects highlighted in the campaign? To support the parallel action campaign team?

Is there risk of sabotage of the campaign by other players–right or center?

What are other possible unforeseen consequences of an action campaign?