Long Term Support for Bernie Once We Elect Him

Bernie Sanders and our coalition of movement and labor organizations should be looking ahead to when we elect him President.  He frequently reminds us that our movements have to continue playing a major role  once he’s in the Oval Office. To what extent have either Bernie’s campaign staff or movement organizations started this strategic planning process?

  • Who is developing strategies for watching Bernie’s back once elected? Even with a landslide vote taking control of Senate and Congress, he will face ruthless opposition from the banks, fossil fuel and military industries, the DNC & RNC establishments, and many career government bureaucrats.
  • What movement organizations are exploring the specific roles they could play in realizing his common sense agenda for change ?
  • What role should movement organizations play in Bernie’s transition team?
  • Who is detailing the job creation opportunities in Bernie’s agenda–Creating Jobs Rebuilding America, Climate Change, and Improving Rural America ?
    Economic and financial analysis?
    Development of movement strategies for supporting entrepreneurial and employment opportunities?
  • Who is creating strategies for conversion of weapons industries and work forces as Bernie achieves major cuts in military spending?

We realize that the focus on getting out the vote in the next states is central to Bernie’s campaign team, unions supporting him, and the other movement organizations. However, another level of forward thinking is essential if Bernie and our movement are to succeed in the long term.