Radio shows

I was a program writer-producer, at the Pacifica Radio’s listener supported station KPFA-FM from 1960 to 1965, as well as a jack-of-all trades announcing, training announcers, and managing logistics. I researched, interviewed, wrote, and edited radio documentaries, discussions, dramas, and musical broadcasts. Subjects included farm labor, labor history, urban and rural poverty, California history, and an early examination of the war in Southeast Asia (the latter beginning in 1963). KPFA was the flagship of the Pacifica Network, at that time including WBAI in New York and KPFK in Los Angeles.

You can hear my first documentary on California Farm Labor:
Sometimes you work a day . . .
The Time the King Annointed J.C., a blues fable by Rolf Cahn telling the story of Lightning Hopkins’ 1964 session with J. C. Burse.

and one more for now
The American Way of Death

I will soon upload more of my KPFA shows that are now in the Pacifica Radio Archive.