Seeing through the smoke

You can see many of my poems at this site: poetry of four decades http://www.indigodev.com/poetryernestlowe.html

I’ve started moving individual poems to this site. Here are a few.

This is one I wrote for my wife, Grace . . .

Our lives unfold

We live in parallel worlds
our heads encircled by earphones
yours flowing with the sound
of mysteries, game shows,
and cooking porn
mine with the rhythms and harmonies
of Ellington, Corelli, Glass,
Mary Lou Williams and Champion Jack Dupree.
We are linked then
only by the flashing magnetic light
of the tv.

Other times we join our cords together
sharing Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant
Bringing Up Baby
hyper screwball slapstick.
We laugh together lightened
by this nonsense filmed at the other end
of our seventy seven years on Earth.

Our lives unfold in these later years
interlaced with images and touches
sounds and scents from five plus decades together
flying through each moment
flying by each other’s moment.
Our lives surrender to Sonatas in C major
reaching for old novelty
made new again by time
reaching into a present alive
with touch of warm bare flesh
between cold flannel sheets.

January 3, 2010